Express Interior Cleaning is no longer available at this location but can be booked online with our other location on 50 Benfield Drive, St. Catharines. Click HERE to be directed to our St. Catharines SOUTH booking page.

Full Shampoo Details are still available here, call us 905-938-0511 to schedule your appointment!

We Have Merged With Valet Carwash

Beginning December 11 2023, Interior Cleaning will be unavailable at this location but can still be booked in at Valet Car Wash. Full Shampoo Detail Packages will still be available here at our location!

We are proud to announce we will be joining Valet Car Wash under new ownership. This has been a work in progress for quite some time, but we are happy to finally share what we have all tried so hard to keep private for the time being. This means that our site, including the additional St. Catharines site on 50 Benfield Drive will merge. Please hang tight while we work out any issues and find ways to make the transition as smooth as possible! Currently memberships are unable to be shared across both locations however we will be implementing new systems to allow sharing very soon! Our full detail shampoo service will remain at this site, but all basic interiors (such as our regular interior clean and express detailing) will be moved to our sister site at Benfield Drive and will no longer be taking place at this location. In the next few weeks we will be installing FREE Self Serve Vacuums!

Construction Update

There will be an unfortunate road closure between Linwell Rd and right before our location on Ontario St. This is supposed to last from now until May of 2024. We will however remain open! This will just require you to circle around from Lakeport Rd and exit to the left after leaving the car wash tunnel. Ontario should not be dug up which means no mud should come into contact with your vehicle as soon as you leave. We apologize for the inconvenience as we understand the amount of construction going on around our location has made things hard